The film is built around four areas which constitute that many stratum of the film.


Dr Jack’s work at Calcutta Rescue


The film digs into in the daily life of a man who gets up every morning to realise his work. There is the day to day work, the difficulties, the enormity of the task and the total commitment needed.


The account of the different characters who cast a light on his work


It is the patients, the collaborators, personalities of different natures who enlighten the work of Dr Jack as well as his own personality in a face to face or indirect way: a previous street patient, an Irish catholic sister, an Indian assistant, a young couple who are seropositive, a student, living proof of the reality of the work. These people who are going to allow us to plunge into the life and history of Calcutta Rescue and its today’s reality, as they know how to take us into the bowels of this breath-taking metropole.




Calcutta is considered one of the most fascinating cities of the planet, Calcutta is not only an indescribable major character of the film, but utterly impregnates it with its omnipresence.




Jack tells us about his biography through interviews held in different important places of his career :


  • Under the bridge of Howrah where he treated his first patients

  • At Middleton Row where he opened his first street clinic

  • In the school he founded where he lives today

  • In the slums where he regularly goes on his own to treat people

Angle and...

 The portrait of a contrasted man,
 between his profound humanity
 and his part of inaccessibility...

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