Jack was the witness of a terrible injustice. He exposed child-trafficking, children taken away to be prostitutes or adopted by force.


« Their mothers were besides themselves saying that their children had been taken. They went to visit the children in  what they thought was a HOME but in fact it was an illegal adoption centre, their children had disappeared.  (…)


« I had been told to be quiet but I could not be silent about it. I continued to reveal what they had done and the list of children »


I said “I have to do something but I know that whatever we do, we were finished… this clinic and all the rest”.


« FI was finally deported and they took and closed everything down.”


Jack was deported in 1979. »

Following an appeal on the radio, Jack left for Bangladesh which was just coming out of a terrible civil war: 200’000 rapes, 10 million refugees.


« There was an NGO in Dublin which recruited people for Bangladesh – just after the war. (…) they sent out an appeal on the Irish radio in Dublin which I happened to have heard during my lunch break. They were looking for nurses and doctors. I decided there and then to go.


I stayed for 7 years »


Facing the horror of refugees, Jack was devastated. This experience marked him forever.


 « When I arrived in Bangladesh I went to a refugee camp for the first time, I was devastated… the scene was absolutely horrifying and I said “people in these camps in Bangladesh are as the Jews were in Germany”. The conditions were as terrible as in concentration camps. I mean, they never had gas chambers, but the way they lived in sordid conditions with serious malnutrition problems… it was awful especially for women and children. These people died lying in gutters. That’s when I said it was like the Jews in Germany and the war… the same kind of situation… in peace times in Bangladesh »


He therefore works with an NGO in camps and sets up a community farm in which he soon settles an orphanage.

 I had been warned to be quiet,

but I could not stay silent. I had to do something… 


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