It is extraordinary….
This thought “become a doctor”
came to my mind

Converted to Catholicism, he was baptised in 1967. While in Ireland, he has this great revelation where the Paraclete manifests itself to him.


« I saw the truth” he says “as Mother Teresa saw it in the train going to Darjeeling. Since that day, I have never doubted the Holy Spirit »


« I was working in a nearby hospital. I was all alone in my garden one day and just sitting there – I wasn’t drunk or anything like that. I had a sort of change of conscience and felt that my mind was free of all its tension. Everything was less tense and my body changed and I felt as though I was new… as in a souvenir of my childhood. We then lived at the top of a hill and school was at the bottom of the hill. Every Sunday evening, we were thoroughly washed and had clean clothes and Monday morning we kept our clean clothes on and we said to each other “the clothes are clean and fresh, it’s a wonderful day, I must go to school, it’s not so bad”. And I remember that very clearly. It was this same bodily sensation I had on that day. I couldn’t hear a single noise, but there was a declaration in my mind which was “I am Paraclete”. It was perfectly clear. (..) then everything faded and I became normal, with my pains and tensions. I did not know what Paraclete meant and I did not do anything to find out for 2 or 3 years. I then looked it up in a dictionary and it referred to Saint John’s scripture. It was another term for the Holy Spirit. »


The Holy Spirit becomes the guide of his life.


At the age of 34 while he was working in the field, Jack had this first revelation.


« I had this strange feeling… as though my brain had been opened. I was driving my tractor and it was extraordinary… this thought “become a doctor” came to my mind. Well, I continued to spread the manure and accomplished my daily tasks. In the evening, I started looking for a place at medical school.



He decided to sell the farm and obeyed this divine injunction. He then starts his long medical studies.

1965 - The revelation

Become a doctor !

1972 - Bangladesh

The horror of conflict...

1930 - The origins

From Manchester to Dublin...

1979 Streets of Kolkata

Street medicine...

1991 - Calcutta Rescue

The NGO of the forgotten...

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