As small as possible, as invisible as possible,

to be as close as possible to people…


Situated in Tarashanker Sarani, today this clinic is the largest of Calcutta Rescue’s 5 clinics. It deals with an average of 80 patients a day for treatment such as:


  • General care for children.

  • Patients with rare cases of tuberculosis, thalassaemia, cancer and neurological illness

  • Mother and Child Program.

  • Special nutrition program for new-borns and mothers breast feeding.

  • Responsibility and orientation for physically or mentally handicapped persons.

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Jack treated up to 400 patients, free of charge each day during 14 years, at Middleton Row, in this open air clinic thanks to small donations from friends and volunteers.


Serious accidents such as feet cut by a tram were next to cases of leprosy, cancer, acute dysentery. The dressings were done on the pavement, on a piece of plastic.


« I never felt discouraged because we had good results and the so very necessary work were a personal reward. We did not refuse any patient and we made it, I don’t know how, but we made it »


One morning in 1991, without notice, the police ordered the immediate expulsion of the Middleton Row clinic. From one day to another, dozens of patients were lost, without knowing where to go for treatment.


A few days later, helped by an Irish sister who ran a rich children’s school, Jack set up a new clinic in a corner of the playground.


Sealdah clinic was born and CALCUTTA RESCUE obtained its ONG status that year.

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